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Who's Going to Protect the Children

I suppose, if one were to contemplate on the memory very long, could surmise that I grew up poor. Although, at the time, I don’t believe I knew we were. As a kid I believe you just accept what’s going on around you as normal. At least, I believe that’s what I did. Even so, that acceptance doesn’t mean it is normal!

Why, I remember during the wintertime me, my mom and grandma sitting around the big black Warm Morning stove in the middle of the living room floor. There were those times at night when mom would get the stove so hot the pipe would glow red. When that’d happen, she’d get me up and rush outside because she was afraid, she’d set the house on fire. Never did though.

I remember that they kept a can of some sorts on that stove with water in it. Said it kept moisture in the house to help us not get sick. I can remember laying on the couch behind the ole stove many nights hearing the comforting sound of that water heating up in that old can. I also remember on the nights when it wasn’t bone-chilling cold, which is when I’d sleep on the couch in the living room, but other nights I slept in my own bed under a pile of handmade quilts that my grandma has sewn with her own hands. We didn’t own a fancy machine to do such!

There weren’t no tv to keep us entertained either. Nor did we own some sort of gaming system or laptop or other electronic device. No, I grew up learning how to entertain myself with my many books where reading took me on far away adventures. Or I’d sit in the floor and play with my paper dolls. Then later own I begin to acquire Barbie dolls. Or I’d play with my cars and trucks on the rose covered linoleum floor.

We raised a huge garden that I had to help weed. The produce that grew out of that garden fed us year-round. During the summer we’d eat fresh corn, green beans, tomatoes, peas and more. During the fall there’d be days on end when mom and grandma were in the kitchen canning first this one vegetable than another. It was always very comforting to go into the pantry area, which was really a long built-in set of shelves in one of the bedrooms, seeing row after row of jars filled with summer goodness.

We also had chicken which produced eggs and then later on would end up in the frying pan at some point. And we used those feathers when plucked from the dead chicken to make stuffing for our bed pillows. Nothing much was wasted.

I remember we also raised goats which provided fresh milk morning and night. Mom went to do the milking early morning before she got dressed for work then later on in the day, she’d go back to the goat barn and milk again. I grew up on goats’ milk which was really delicious! They also killed the goats for the meat which was then canned to preserve it longer.

And I remember how neighbors helped neighbors back then. Many a time, I’d go with grandma to a neighbor woman’s house while mom worked during the day. Those old ladies would gather round a large quilting frame, needles threaded and flying to the rhythm of their sharing tales of old. I’d often play underneath the safety of the material spilt over the sides of the frame with my baby dolls.

During the summer grandma would make me go blackberry picking. I hated doing that cuz it was often a hot sweaty mess. Plus, I always ended up sticking my fingers on the briars when reaching for a juicy berry. That was also the time of year that the ‘Jarflies’ or Cicadas were singing. Boy oh, there were some years it sounded like a million of ‘em were a singin’ with such a loud noise. My dog, Old King, was ever by my side which was always a great comfort.

My point in sharing all these memories is how we made do with what we had and how we survived. I truly find myself wondering more and more how folks of this day will survive if we continue to hurl ourselves down this destructive path.

Are we headed to socialism?

I don’t know.

I do know that it’s not looking so good right now. But I also know my God is still in control!

And that greatly concerns me.

Who’s going to protect the precious children?

Right now, in Kentucky, our governor has enacted many restrictions. I can’t even begin to know what he’d dealing with on a daily basis nor the amount of backlash he experiences for the decisions he makes. The Bible tells me to pray for my leaders and I do. Doesn’t say a thing bout my liking nor agreeing with the decisions they may make.

Last night I had to make a decision, along with my board, that left me in tears!

We have a faith-based, nonprofit, Broken Pieces No More Inc. We raise awareness of child abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking. It bothers me greatly that we are not where I thought we’d be. I had so hoped we’d have gained more momentum in our family programs, outreach and awareness events. Sadly, that is just not the case due to the government lockdowns!

We’d planned for mid-December, an outdoor even to offer our community a safe and fun place to hang out for a few hours singing Christmas songs, and where the kiddos were able to make their very own ornament. We’d had lots of cookies and cocoa donated. It looked to be a really fun memory making evening. We’ve recently had to cancel several other events we’d planned due to lockdowns. It’s heartbreaking!

We’d started out 2020 with numerous awareness events lined up all throughout the year. Raising awareness of child abuse is one of our major purposes. Someone needs to talk about the elephant in the room and that might as well be us.

Many years ago, a little girl I knew thought if she slipped her coat and boots on then went outside to scrap the snow off the yard she could go back to school. You see, school had been closed because of a big snowfall. Day after day the little girl went outside and with her tiny boot covered feet tried ever so hard to scrap the snow from the yard hoping to see green grass underneath as a sign school would finally open.

No one thought to tell the little girl that the school was closed due to the snow fall. No one thought to tell the little girl how much fun she could have outside playing in the snow then later when coming in, having a mug of hot chocolate. No one thought to tell the little girl how special it was to be out of school on a snow day. Nor would it have made any difference to the little girl.

You see, this little girl never knew when the ‘red-hot’ pain would find her and freeze her in place.

This little girl never knew when the good grandma would switch to the mean grandma who did all sorts of vile things to the little girl.

This little girl never knew which days she might be allowed to eat and which days she wouldn’t.

This little girl never knew when the strange men would show up and drag her off to her bedroom, leaving her tiny clothes in a heap on the floor then do horrible things to her.

This little girl never knew when any of the bad things might happen while she was still at home.

But she did know that when she was at school, she felt safe and loved and cared for. Thank goodness for safe schools, right?

I was that little girl, and I can tell you, school was my safe place. My guardians, who should have loved and protected me, were in fact my abusers. I suffered violent child abuse, all forms, you think of it and I probably experienced it! School was my safe place! That truth is why it breaks my heart that we are enforcing lockdowns and severe restrictions.

I just don’t understand!

Who cares about the truth?

Do our leaders not realize the ramifications that will hit us as a society in the near future?

Has anyone sat down together to brainstorm how to avoid a head on collision that will result in our destroying our younger generation?

Can we not see what this action is doing to our children?

Does anyone even care anymore?

Currently, Kentucky is ranked #1 in the entire nation for substantiated child abuse cases. We are seeing this number rise even higher due to the lockdowns! We can’t climb any higher than being #1! But our cases can increase daily, which I believe they are, and the negative impact of that abuse will be devastating to our already tired and weary citizens!

Call to action…

I want to know who’s brave enough to go tell little Johnny or Suzie that once again they will be staying home with their abuser!

I want to know who’s going to ‘man up’ or woman up as the case may be, to go tell our precious children that their feelings do not matter!

I want to know who will demand and insist that our leaders change some way, somehow, to put our children first!

I want to know who is willing to stand with me in insisting change take place!


Is there anyone willing to take a stand against this inhumanity??

Will you please stand with us?

Your action of donating your time or funds will help:

1. Enable us to develop programs for our family, both kids and adults, to learn healthy choices

2. Assist in monthly financial obligations

3. Join forces with us as we create unique public awareness events



Because ‘It shouldn’t have to hurt to live in a family!’

You can find us on face book on either our page or group under: Broken Pieces No More Inc

And if you feel inclined, we do accept donations. We are a faith based, nonprofit and need your help to help our children!

You can give by either a money order, check, cash or through our Paypal using our email:

We do have a website that is in need of TLC! I will be taking the next few weeks to update it! (If anyone would like to donate some time in helping with that it would be greatly appreciated!)

Feel free to reach out to us with any ideas on how we can come together for our children, for our next generation. Our Poppa God loves our children so very much, just as He loves us. Let’s not squander or destroy that precious gift from Him!

If you would like to share your story, please drop us an email or send us a letter. We’d love to hear from you.

Our address is: BPNM PO Box 1373 Somerset, KY 42502

Many blessings to you as you walk towards a new 2021!

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