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Sex Is NOT a Commodity

I woke early this morning from a God dream! In this dream I heard a resounding declaration from Poppa God that rang throughout the mountain tops and echoed down into the valleys. To me, it felt like a Clarion Call! In this Call I sensed a righteous indignation! A call that says, “Enough!”

A call that says, “Sex is NOT a commodity!”

What is a commodity?

From what I’ve read, a commodity is a material or product that can be bought and sold; it has a useful or valuable value.

What do you value?

Can you trade that item for something else of value?

Then it’s a commodity!

So back to this dream…..

We, my husband and I, lived in a modest home on top of a mountain. It appeared like a giant had taken a knife and carved out a large flat cove on the mountain side. Then just down below was another shelf like area where several other houses were located.

In the beginning of this dream there was a loud ruckus down at the lower houses. I insisted my husband go down there to find out what was going on. I’m not sure he felt the need, but he did so anyway.

It felt like he was gone for a long time. I had grown very worried. I got my shotgun out making sure it was loaded and went in search of him.

The scene jumps and I find myself standing in front of him in an aggressive like stance of protecting him. There were other men sitting in front of the old house looking very menacing.

The scene jumps again to where I see myself like in an outta body experience. I’m out looking back at me standing there with my shotgun.

Now I’m standing beside this young man with long blond hair, normal looking young man yet something is very different about him.

I turn and realize he’s speaking to me.

He tells me to look closer and not just with my natural eyes but to turn my spiritual senses on.

I did and I gasp!

I am able to discern young girls all under the age of 12 inside the rundown house where the men are sitting outside guarding it. I focus on each one of the girls and see the dirt on their faces, their tattered dresses so very thin and worn. I see bruises on some of their wrists and ankles. Bruises and cuts on some of the faces. I see open sores over their bodies.

I finally dare to look into their eyes and flinch. I am afraid I’ll drown as I see those individual varied colored eyes of hopeless pools.

Somehow, I can sense their weakness. Their fear. Their shame. And I want to turn away.

I hear or sense a slight shifting and turn to look over in the corner and there sits an older woman. Just sitting there watching this room full of little girl-children. And she knows. She knows what happens to these girls all through out the day and night. And she does nothing!

The scene jumps again and I’m back inside our home up on the mountain side. For whatever reason I can’t get a cell phone signal to call the police nor can I get on my laptop to signal for help.

I look out the side window and there is that young blond headed man again. I feel fearful of him but know I need to go hear what he has to say.

He tells me, “There is One you need to communicate with who can help you with this burden. You were not designed to carry the weight of this burden on your shoulders alone. There is One who has a plan in place for the enemy to be defeated. Trust on and rely on Him alone to achieve this.”

I then understood why my cell phone, nor my laptop would work.

So, I began to pray! I fell on my knees, weeping and I cried out to God!

I cried out to God!

I cried out to God on behalf of every single one of those young girls who were being held captive against their will and being horrifically abused!

I cried out to God for justice to be served to every man and woman who had dared to abuse these precious young children, both boys and girls alike!

I cried out to God to grant me strength to continue to be a voice for each child who was being abused and violated who had no voice to call for help!

I cried out to God to raise others up who will join forces with us to be that voice!

I cried out to God to not allow me to forget how I felt when I too was being abused, violated by numerous men and women!

I cried out to God for strength to be able to do what He’s called me to do!

Then the dream shifted again.

A Shifting….

This time my husband and I were standing together on the mountain top. I look around us and see thousands upon thousands of warriors standing with us weapons drawn for battle! They were marching in step and the sound was thunderous as it reverberated down through the mountain into the valleys and echoed along the hills and hollers.

I stood there frightened at the fierceness of the moment for I knew that a harsh sentencing was about to be issued forth.

Then I hear this loud voice as a sound of many trumpets blaring all at once that seemed to stretch far and wide in the universe onward forever more never ceasing but onward moving.

“You who have dared harm a hair on one of my little children’s head will feel My wrath and My fury!”

I trembled with the anticipation of being told to attack with all those warriors gathered around us. I so wanted to go forward and chop off the heads of those men and women who had dared to inflict the least bit of pain to one of those defenseless children, boy or girl. Yet, I knew I was being held back.

In the dream I was suddenly reminded of my precious husband’s words telling me, “Vengeance is mine says the Lord!”

Suddenly I notice that young blond headed man, now mounted on a tall white horse! He is holding a staff aloft. We who are gathered there on that mountain top, are held back in anticipated excitement for the moment he waves that staff the battle will be on, and we will march all across this land bringing justice to every man and woman who has dared to harm a precious little one!

Justice is coming!

I hear those words!

Justice is coming!

Justice is coming swiftly!

Justice is coming harshly!

There are those men and women right now who believe they have gotten away with their sick and twisted acts, but they are being fooled by the evil one; they are lulled into a false sense of safety and security.

There are those men and women who are consumed by the evil one in their sick and twisted desires.

They believe that there are those with money and prestige who will protect them and save them from a lasting prison sentence, but I tell you, their day is coming. Their day is coming much sooner than they ever expected.

Justice will reveal each and everyone of you who have dared to defile a precious child!

There is still time to fall on your knees and repent, turn from your wicked deeds. But if you chose not to repent you will reap God’s severe and swift judgement!

It has been written and spoken of for a millennial of time, “Justice is mine, I will repay”. And “in harming one of my precious little ones, better a millstone be hung around your neck and you cast to the bottom of the sea!”

There are pedophiles, child abusers, all across this community, this state, this nation and around the world! They know of each other. They have a form of communicating with each other and they trade their children! These evil men and woman are your doctors, your lawyers, your judges, your coaches, your mothers and fathers and more. These evil people are not dressed where they will stand out but rather, they blend in with whosoever. It is our responsibility to identify and report each and every one of them so that judgement is swift and sure!

Again, God’s judgment will be swift and generous to any who have dared harm and abuse one of His precious children! You have been warned. Turn from your evil ways today!

There are men and women all across this world who are using children as a sex-commodity daily! Our precious children are being traded for sex daily and yes, even hourly!

May God have mercy on your soul!

I sense the Earth is vibrating with the expectation of the unleashing of God’s judgement! It is in His timing! Not mine!

And at the same time, I also sense god’s loving kindness towards those who will follow hard after Him. It is His desire to draw us closer; to love and guide us; to shield and protect us. However, in order for Him to do so we must repent for every deed that has hurt His heart and ask for the precious blood of Jesus to cover our sins!

God has not given us a spirit of fear! Fear is not of God. It comes from the devil. Fear has been unleashed in a manner never before seen upon this Earth. One of fear’s purposes is to render us paralyzed from doing that which God’s called us to do. If he can keep us at home trembling and afraid then he is winning!

We who are in Christ Jesus are new Creations in Him and we do not walk-in fear! We go after hell! When we rise up, we should make all of hell tremble for we know who has won! If we have read the end of the book, The Holy Bible, and we should for it is our instruction book, then we know God wins and we’re His kids!

The devil is afraid that you will one day, and hopefully that’ll be sooner rather than later, realize just how much power and authority you have been given by and through the blood of Jesus. That is one reason the devil shoots out his fear demons at you trying to cause you to forget Whose kid you are.

The time is NOW to rise up! Accept the calling God has placed on you and step into His armor and walk towards your destiny!

Earth is NOT your home. You are in a foreign land, a missionary, an ambassador here on assignment! Your mission is to go after hell and take back what the enemy has stolen!

There are boys and girls, men and women, who are waiting for someone to step into their situation bringing the freedom and power of Jesus Christ!

Encourage one another in the faith of Almighty God! Do not leave your fellow warriors wounded and stranded on the battlefield but rather, seek them out and draw them to safety. Care for their wounds and walk along side them until they are strong enough to once step into battle!

There is a mighty army standing at the ready, anticipating the exact moment when that staff will rise and lower signaling for the bringing of swift judgment from the Father!

It is not too late!

For those of you who desire to be a voice for our children, I encourage you to contact us!

We at Broken Pieces No More Inc raise awareness of child abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking all of which are very real in our world.

God never intended for sex with anyone, no matter the age, to be a commodity!

God created and designed sex to be a beautiful experience between a husband and a wife of a coming together as one!

It is the devil who has been attacking our families since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden! If we chose on purpose to do nothing but stand on the sidelines and watch as the devil destroys our family unit then we are just as guilty! We all have a voice! If we are not yet where we can utilize our voice, then we can partner with ministries who are speaking out! You can partner with us or another like minded ministry to rise up and stand for our families!

Justice is coming!

And Sex is Not a Commodity!

I am praying for you today!

If you would like to learn how to overcome this evilness feel free to reach out.

If you know of a child or children who are in need of rescuing, please reach out to your local police or you may contact us.

Or follow us on social media.

Broken Pieces No More Inc

May God have mercy on us all!

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