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Secrets No More

I tried to tell, but no one would listen!

I tried to make some noise to get their attention, but they all seemed too busy to hear!

I tried to, but it never seemed to be enough!

I tried.

And when I did make the decision to tell, when I did decide I'd had enough, they began to listen.

Then they decided not to hear the truth, my truth, and they listened with tainted ears.

When I finally told them, they called me a liar!

When I finally decided I could no longer stay silent, they said I was wrong, mistaken!

When I finally gained enough courage to walk away, they said I was a coward!

They did not know my truth!

I've no doubt my truth is different from your truth!

Is that okay?

I'm not so sure, but I know you'll need to live with your truth the best you can. I will certainly live with mine!

And I also know your truth is just as important as mine!

Tell your truth!

And my truth has #secretsnomore !

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