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There's a grand ole song I sang in church years ago, It is Well...with my soul, that often comes to me when I've allowed my stress level to escalate. I say 'allowed' because I'm the one in control (usually) with just how much stress I allow through my garden gate! I picture my heart as a beautiful garden full of special flowers with various colored blooms, several water features, sweet, little, windy paths to meander around in and hide-a-way benches for pondering, meditating and soul searching.

I have built a nice fence around my garden with a very secure gate. I use my fence and gate for healthy boundaries as I've had to learn that not all are healthy and some will delight in coming into my garden just to rip up the beauty and destroy my peace and steal my joy. It took me years to learn that I had the right to protect my garden, my heart, from those who practice being toxic! Sometimes that includes family! I'm still learning!

This week it's been excessive! Various reasons, persons and situations have contributed to my high level and instead of my stopping to cover it all in prayer I simply slugged on ahead carrying the weight of it all. I do not believe that's what we're to do!

Sadly we all are likely to get attacked by stress. The key is to shake it off as quickly as possible and cast that burden on Jesus as He says, My burden is light. I must say I was hit hard yesterday with various forms of stress and it took me longer than I like before I felt my head was once again above water instead of drowning. My precious beloved husband allowed me the needed opportunity to nap today for some quality self care!

As I've grown older I'm learning how vitally important it is for me to be able to sing It is Well with my Soul!  Are my mind, will and emotions at peace or is there raging conflict? I much prefer peace...lots and lots of peace!

As long as we're in this world we will have trails and tribulations but we don't gotta live there! Life is about lots and lots of choices! I am choosing to guard my peace! I do not want a repeat of yesterday so it is very helpful when my beloved and I are able to sit down and verbally process what all happened so that I am aware of what the triggers were and to be able to acknowledge them.

I'm also today telling my body what a good job it did in protecting me, in carrying me through out the day. I also remind my body that it does not have to always be on high alert any more for I am safe and well cared for.

I understand a lot of folks this is utter nonsense and that's totally their right; however, I've learned that those of us who have suffered much trauma have a different life path to follow. I am just now learning the profound importance of reminding my body to relax, to not be on high alert all the time for our body, my body, holds body memories from all those years of trauma long ago. No I don't know all the medial and psychological terminology nor descriptions. What I do know is that it is real and it works when I remind my body it is now safe! Safe after 50 + years of living with trauma and fear! That takes a horrible toll on your body!

I like me, I like my body and soul and I know it's up to me to protect it! I'm thankful I have another in my life now who is safe and healthy! And I always have Jesus to lead and guide me! Doesn't mean I don't fail and make mistakes for I do. It means I have hope and peace and joy!

I pray you are able to find that peace for your soul as well!

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