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Forgive and Let Go

My day's started out well.

Have soup beans cooking in the crock pot. Have a meeting today, finishing up the information for it.

I have some encouraging teaching playing to fill the atmosphere of our home with His goodness and mercy! This morning I happen...or did I? find teaching on who He says I am! My identity is in Him!!

My Father, my Abba, my Daddy, is the King of the Universe.

Now, growing up, I heard so many negative things about me. I allowed those seeds to take deep root into my soul, where they lived for many years! It grieves me at times that I spent so many years allowing those seeds to survive and grow into weeds in my garden! It has required a lot of determination, hard work, many tears, and, yes, sometimes screaming to yank those roots out.

Matthew 15:13 tells me that if I yank 'em out, they'll wither up and die!

Good! Cuz I do not want weeds growing in my garden!

But now....oh now, I am way more aware of when someone tries to throw weed seeds into my garden!

It is, after all, my choice if I allow the words of another to grow within my soul! But in being aware of those words, I must be alert! The devil loves to deceive us by using others to mislead us, to speak lies about us, and to try and destroy us.

But remember, greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world! I John 4:4

Recently, I was attacked by an individual. We do not have a close relationship, yet the words they hurled out into the atmosphere for others to hear hurt me deeply! However, I know without a doubt that I will not allow those words to take root.

How do I know that?

Because I choose to ask my Heavenly Father to help me forgive that person quickly. (Holding to unforgiveness is much like drinking poison and hoping the other person gets really sick! It just doesn't work. Instead, we who drink the lies end up sick. Nope...done with that!)

I also know according to His Word, He will take vengeance on another, so I don't have to worry about it. Oh, not because He's a punishing Father; no, He's a loving and kind Father. That's why He takes care of and protects each of His children.

I didn't realize that truth until the past few years. I must, on purpose, put my trust in Him knowing He is such a loving Father and He cares for me. And as any good father, He will protect me and defend me as needed!

But it doesn't end there!

My loving Father also loves that person who decided to spew their poison into my garden (my heart).

Say what???

But that person hurt me! Surely I can hurt them back, and it'll be okay! Surely I can throat-punch them, and that's acceptable! Surely.....

Nope! Nope! And Nope!

And, too, I know that hurting people hurt people!

So, I choose on purpose to pray for this individual. I pray God will reach way down into that person's heart to soothe and heal that wound! I've also learned to pray that the individual will have a 'want to' to receive God's sweet healing. I've discovered not everyone wants to be healed, for they may like wallering in their yulk for whatever reason!


You see, I have a choice!

And I choose to let go and quickly forgive as much as possible. Oh, that doesn't mean I won't mess up, for I'm human and probably will. What it does mean is that I'm learning that choosing to walk with Jesus is way better than trying to make it happen on my own.

If your heart has been hurt, I encourage you to whisper a prayer of forgiveness.

Mine goes something like this: 'Poppa, (I find myself leaning into God when I think of Him as my kind, loving father.) Poppa, this person did ___________________ and it hurt me deeply. I know You know this! I also know You have all the answers. Help me to choose You on purpose and let this go. Forgive me for hurting Your heart by holding onto the wounding words and actions. Help me willingly pray for _____. Heal my heart as only You can do. Thank You for loving me as You do. In Jesus name, amen'

Wow...when I let it go on purpose, sweet peace covers me like a well-worn blanket! When thoughts about that situation return, and they probably will, I once again turn them over to Him and let go!

There's a lot of healing right there!!

I pray your day is full of God's sweet forgiveness and grace! And that your day is fully blessed with wonderful things just for you from Him!

You are an amazing individual!!

And oh, so very loved!!

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