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Feeling the Fall

all is definitely in the air today. Temperatures were in the low 50s when I rose and stepped outside. What a sweet morning to sit outside, sip coffee and watch the world around me wake up.

I wonder how many times we actually stop long enough in our busy day to discover the simple pleasures of life! I so enjoy being able to get outside early morning and welcome a brand new day. Seems when I don't do so, I can sense a void within that needs His touch and filling.

I truly love fall! Not sure which I love more...the hoodie season, hot chocolate, cooler days, the smell and delight of fallen leaves, or the season to pause and reflect on past choices.

Do you give yourself permission and time to pause and reflect?

That's very important, ya know!

We all need that time to pause and reflect on the previous seasons, paths, and decisions in our life in order to learn from mistakes to be better able to move forward. In order for us to grow more, we must be willing to get 'raw and naked' with ourselves to discover our hidden truth!

It is possible!

It sometimes takes a deeper inner look which isn't often easy but necessary.

When I want to do some self-checking, I'll move to a quieter location, have my journal, pen, and water then just listen to what's going on around me. I'll also make time to not look at my phone, or write or read...just sit and listen to the voice within. It's very enlightening.

How do you self reflect?

Or do you?

I encourage you to do so if you haven't already!

Blessings to you on this beautiful fall day!

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